Skate MC (Olive)

Vans Skate MC 96 "Dark Olive". Quick little history lesson, probably based on rumor and hearsay, but here's the story as I recall it. In the 90's Mike Carroll skated for Vans. For the young and/or uninitiated Mike Carroll is the shit, so Vans wanted to give him a pro shoe. He mainly ran Half Cabs at that time, and as far as I know the basic challenge was to take the Half Cab and give it a Mike Carroll, 90s, kinda EMB big pants flavor. The 90s was a terrible time for the business side of the skateboard industry so the relationship didn't last long and the shoe was quickly dumped when Vans and MC had some sort of falling out.

Anyways, this isn't just some random ass new Vans shoe, it has a history, it looks really good and we're happy to see it back in the Vans Skate line-up.