Skate Authentic Mid (Monster Children)

The Vans Skate Authentic Mid are scientifically proven to make you skate better and land a date at the bar. Adorned with an Evan Hecox Monster Children handstyle and custom Monster Children checkerboard print on the lining in a vintage cream. This is the first Skate Authentic Mid of it's kind, cut a little shorter than the SK8- Hi, featuring Duracap™ reinforced materials for increased durability and Popcush™ Cushioning for impact protection. Skate longer, run from the police faster. 

Each pair come in a distressed vintage effect cream, one of a kind textures, and unique accents intended not only to provide a fun and natural wearing experience, but to provide the piece with story and legacy, because we love our Vans, and we want them to look like it.