Nubuck/leather/suede upper // Geoflex rubber outsole // Youth braincell loss is real

When Thrasher lensman Mofo first went with Mark Gonzales to the EMB gap in San Francisco, he told Mark that some kid had already ollied it. Entirely untrue; it sparked Mark to shoot the iconic sequence featured in his September 1986 Thrasher interview. A career defining moment that blew minds across the world and a contributing factor for EMB to become the epicenter of skateboarding in the years to follow. The SS21Aloha Super “Brainwash Victim” pays tribute to this formative moment in Mark’s career by taking design cues from the opening spread of his Thrasher interview. The hypnotic spiral from the “O” in his last name, the purple copy block to kick off the interview, the homemade t-shirt that Mark was wearing with “Brainwash Victim” accompanied by a photo of himself.